There is no better advertising,
than a satisfied customer.

About Us

Transportes Grihop is a young logistics company born in Sonora, Mexico. It was created in 2007 with a porpuse to cover all our customer needs and have satisfied customers that value professionalism, on time pickups and deliveries, low cost and great service.

Our mission is to give top quality services, value our customers, on time and low cost service. Our motto is "There is no better advertising, than a satisfied customer".

Our Mission

Create competitive and continues advantages for our clients, giving them an excellent quality transportation service that adds added value to all transportation services.

Our Vision

To be the Leading transportation company in Sonora & Mexico, Recognized for their high quality standards, their people, their vehicles and their internal process with custom made services for our clients.

Our core values

Safety, respect, quality, service, honesty and comitment.


All our services are first class quality and understanding that time is a must requirement that translate in costs for your company, we provide several services:

Importation and Exportation:

In Transportes Grihop, we hire the best personnel, we have the resent model units and we have all the certifications need to provide with safety your load between mexico and the US

Our port of entry is Nogales Arizona, for impo/expo services.

Transportes Grihop is a C-TPAT certified company, and if you are as well we can have FAST Lane services.

Domestic Service

We put at your service domestic transportation in Mexico . Are service extends for Gas L.P., Perishable goods, and dry box of 53”. We also provide service in smaller quantities up to 13 tons.

All of our personnel receives high quality training & 24/7 GPS monitoring of all units

Dedicated services

We believe in transportes Grihop, that we create a value service that makes us more than a supplier but a partner with all our customer. We can provide dedicated services according to your need, looking always for savings that will be reflected to you.

Hot Shot Service

Due to our customer needs to produce without stoppages and with a immediate requirement of their material, we provide a fast hot shot service in a safe and reliable way.

Hand Carrier

In transportes Grihop, we provide a fast Hand carrier service to any part of the world. We guarantee door to door service.


Quality and Safety of our service is validated and backed by National and International certifications that verify that our equipment and team is certified and qualified.

At this moment, we are certified by C-TPAT and EMA. This provides our customers a high standards and security in the transportation of their materials.

NEEC and OP1 certifications are in progress



In Transportes Grihop we own equipment that is perfect equipment to send your merchandise on time and safe.


LPG Tanks

Caja seca

Dry Box Trucks

Caja Refrigerada

Refrigerated Box Trucks

Cab star

Cab Star



GRIHOP in the industry

Transportes Grihop, works in different industries and we carry from raw material to finish goods, perishable goods and Hazard material.

We have specialized vehicles to work in the perishable goods.

Our drivers are highly trained and qualified to work in the mining industry

More than 10 years working with hazard material, has made us experts in safety carriage of this materials. We are experts in L.P. Gas. transportation

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